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July 7, 2010

Dog Training Tip | Sit


Let’s start with the basics. I would teach my dog to sit right after he was familiar with his name. You teach your dog to sit first and then the rest of the training moves smoother. Sit is the most important command since it can be used as a tool to help you get your dog’s attention, as the first step to most dog training exercises, a way to stop your dog from jumping on a person, etc. I have been a dog owner for years, but it wasn’t until my last pack that I learned the value of training. I also learned that it is much easier to do your training using ONLY positive reinforcement and dog treats!

What does “sit” mean:

The goal of the “sit” command is to get your dog both in a seated position AND looking at you for the next command/approval. IF your dog just sits, the training is incomplete. You may want to add a few minutes of training to teach him to pay close attention to you first. If he knows his name and observes you closely, teaching him to sit is easy and fun. The goal is that by the end of each training session, you, the trainer, and your dog feel accomplished. Do NOT end on a bad note. Do NOT practice for long periods of time, especially with a puppy that has a limited attention span.

In the beginning, it’s best to isolate yourself and your dog away from distractions. After he has learned the exercise well, mastered it, in private, then I like to move to other locations gradually increasing the external stimuli and upping the difficulty level. So, you’re in a quiet place. Now, make your dog aware that you have treats. In a couple of sessions, your dog will go into dog training mode instantly (he will pick up cues from you, that you’re not even necessarily aware of).

With your dog standing in front of you, produce a treat over his nose and very slowly move it over his head closer to his neck. It is the dog’s nature to end up seated. If he turns, falls, doesn’t get it at all. Use your free hand to gently guide (not push) his rear end to the floor. As soon as the rear touches the floor, say “SIT” and reward! Practice this many times in a row, since most dogs get it easily. After a few days, back off on the rewards and offer them only when he instantly obeys.

Have you been around dog owners who have to scream their dog’s name? I find them rather annoying and I don’t like doing that. That’s why I like to use hand signals as well as voice commands. For SIT I use my index finger which I sharply point to the ground between my feet. It’s best to teach your dog hand signals and voice signals at once. Also, it’s really important for later training that he sits right in front of your legs. Don’t forget that dog training tip, especially if you have visions of making your dog an excellent AKC Canine Good Citizen (my chiweenie recently became a CGC graduate).

More dog training tips to aid with the SIT command:

  1. It helps, especially if you and/or your dog are new at this, if your dog is a bit hungry. The dog treat value increases that way.
  2. Always use the SAME EXACT commands, verbal and physical AFTER the dog’s name (especially if you have more than one dog).
  3. Keep the rewards handy and easy for you to access. I did not want to buy treat pouches, and I resisted. But when I really got into dog training, I felt that it was the best option. All pet stores sell some type of dog treat pouch.
  4. Dog’s have a limited attention span so if you don’t reward instantly, it’s useless. Ideally, practice more than once a day but only for a few minutes.

Best of luck!



April 21, 2010

Dog Training Tips | How to train a Greyhound

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Enough joking around. Today, I mean business and I’m here to share some serious dog training tips. I will demonstrate that size does not matter and that designer dogs aren’t any smarter than purebred dogs.

I was playing by the side of a “river” when I spotted trouble on the other bank. My Chiweenie sissy was in need of my help. Dog training tip #1: Look fearless. This way, even if you look pathetic like me, you at least surprise your opponent.

Like superman, bum leg flying off to my side, I dove into the raging rapids

“I’m coming, Frankie!” I yelled, swallowing more water with each breath I took

Have no fear! Twinkie’s here!

One final leap and I was almost there

Frankie was screaming for her life because Mabel, our good old furiend, was looking at her. I tell you, designer dogs can be quirky, especially the Chiweenie type. As for Mabel, she’s a fancy mix herself. She is a Rottweiler and Greyhound cross. Dog training tip #2: Stand your ground and take advantage of the voice Dog gave you.

The minute I landed on the other side of the river, I let the Greyhound – Rottweiler have an earful. “And don’t you ever look at my sister again!” I said in the highest pitch ever known to Chihuahuas

She leaned a bit closer, probably because she couldn’t hear me well from that high up
Frankie the Chiweenie, or Chicken Weenie, was inching away

“Run, Frankie, run,” I yelled, while staring Mabel down

The Chiweenie didn’t get far. She did feel braver though and she learned a lot from me that day. I sure hope you enjoyed my latest dog training tips.

* * *

I’ve been so busy recently, I still haven’t had a chance to visit the Global Animal Blogging Event links to see if I won anything. I can’t wait and I’ll do it first chance I get! Bottom line, we’re all winners just for participating and making new friendships.

The Date Night over at Twix’s is turning into the event of the century. It’s fun, unpredictable and hilarious. Look what they did with me and my Gunther!

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